About Us

High-Impact Policy Review (HIPR) is a website and newsletter by Arushi Gupta on high-impact U.S. policies and policy areas. I started this project because, as an interested and engaged citizen, I realized that the policies and policy areas that occupy the minds of policymakers and the public are not always those that have as large an impact on individuals as other policies and policy areas. Enter... HIPR!

HIPR gives you the resources to engage with policy on some of the most high-impact cause areas (i.e., areas that impact the largest number of individuals). I provide updates on U.S. policies relevant to potential high-impact cause areas and inform you of potential high-impact U.S. policy opportunities through my biweekly newsletter. This site also contains some of my favorite resources for how to get involved, professionally or casually, in high-impact policymaking.

For full disclosure, I’m not an expert on all the policy areas explored on this site so some smart friends who are experts in their respective policy areas deserve at least partial credit for some of the news I highlight!


  • Do you have an idea or feedback for HIPR's site or newsletter?
  • Do you have news or opportunities you want me to include in the next newsletter?
  • Are you interested in being involved in high-impact policy, but aren't sure where to start? (I might not either but I can try and help!)

Email me at hello@highimpactpolicy.review.

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